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Runbeck Election Services Unveils New Easy to Use, Affordable Inbound Ballot Processing Solution
Next Generation Sentio Ballot Production System Also Available

Tempe, Ariz. [Dec. 7, 2009] – Runbeck Election Services, a leading provider of elections solutions, today announced the availability of its Agilis™ Ballot Sorting System, an inbound ballot processing solution. The Agilis is an innovative inbound sorting device that makes inbound ballot processing, quick, easy and affordable for states and counties looking to manage their own inbound ballot processing.

Additionally, the company announced that it has launched the newest generation of its Sentio Ballot Production System, a patent-pending solution that provides elections officials with the ability to accurately produce ballots on demand. The company introduced its breakthrough Sentio Ballot Printing System in 2008 and it is currently in use in several states to produce absentee, early and counter ballots.

The Agilis handles all standard letters and flats and adheres to U.S.P.S. automation standards for the handling of mailing including thickness and rigidity minimums. The system can scan and extract signature images for use in verification processes that depend on original voter signatures. It processes up to 10,000 pieces per hour and can be sorted down to the precinct level.

"The Agilis lets users automate jobs they are manually sorting today and internalize jobs that are currently outsourced," said Kevin Runbeck, chief executive officer of Runbeck Election Services. "States and counties now have an affordable, portable option to bring ballot sorting in-house into their own secure facilities."

The Agilis is portable, has a small footprint and plugs into any 110V outlet. Cameras on the Agilis image the entire front side of a ballot envelope and capture the signature image in order to verify that each envelope has been signed by the registered voter and received by the county. Each image is archived for use by county personnel in on-site or off-site verification processes, depending upon the device configuration required.

Runbeck’s Sentio Ballot Production System is a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution that helps counties print the correct ballot, on-demand, at voter locations with complete accuracy and a full audit trail. The company’s second generation Sentio now comes with enhanced software that is optimized for faster performance based on extensive testing and in-field usability data. The new software effectively reduces print time by a significant amount over the previous version.

Sentio also now comes in multiple configurations with "a la carte" add-on features so customers can purchase exactly what they need, giving them tremendous flexibility and cost options. The system comes in three versions - a table top unit, a light-duty portable unit and a secure heavy-duty portable unit - each available with optional audit systems.

"Sentio has been very well received by customers and has performed splendidly in various elections around the country," said Runbeck. "The configuration updates are in direct response to customer requirements for more flexible options and cost savings. On top of that we’re releasing a software update that significantly enhances performance."

Runbeck worked with Indiana-based Engineering Innovation Inc. (EII) to design and manufacture the Agilis Ballot Sorting System. EII provides solutions from enhanced manual workstations through fully automated OCR/Barcode/Sorting equipment for flats, letters and small parcels.

"We found EII to be the perfect partner to develop and build this new Runbeck product line," said Runbeck. "EII has years of experience in developing and building sorting solutions."

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